Am I being authentic?

It´s something I’ve been wondering for quite some time now. I know I have changed tremendously in the last 10 years. I realize that I am a totally different being each time I have such a contemplation. How can perception alter the experience of life at such an extent? Is this changeless change the key to reclaim our power and let our authentic expression flow through us unobstructed?

10 years ago I realized I needed to change and I needed it urgently. Living mostly in linear time (an illusion) is non-life enhancing. It’s depressing and scary to feel time is ticking out and you see yourself decaying and dying little by little before your own eyes. The language of the body is that of pain. In physicality, you are able to listen to your body if you allow this communication to happen. There’s so much misleading information about health that’s not even funny. How to really get it when one’s sight is clouded by illusion and distortion?

To really understand how I had been handing over my power to the government, institutions, industries, the so called “experts”, family, friends, strangers… is a very hard pill to swallow. To realize that I had been taken all external information at face value without considering my inner guidance is something I consider unimaginable to do, at the level of consciousness I am right now.

I had to take a very close look at every little aspect of my entire conscious life and literally throw all the “knowledge” I’d gathered through the years (belief systems, traditions, habits, indoctrination, programming, social conditioning, etc.) out of the window. I knew I needed to unlearn everything and then I started to realize, that I knew absolutely nothing… as if I were a blank canvas.

How could I be strong enough to take responsibility for my actions if I wasn’t able to even comprehend that I had been living in an illusory reality within an elaborate control system that’s almost impossible to detect, unless I made the unfathomable effort and embody the courage to embody freedom and fulfillment?

At the time, being in silence was something I simply could not accomplish. The inner dialog and black noise were driving me absolutely mad and I didn’t have level of consciousness to be able acknowledge the existence of those illusions/distortion and do something about them.

Frustration, suffocation, imprisonment, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, discouragement, anger, sadness, pain, nostalgia, indifference, hate, vengeance, guilt, shame, blame, powerlessness, hopelessness, etc. All these low-frequency feelings were being expressed by me now for a reason that I just couldn’t understand. I didn’t know I had been suppressing them and I didn’t know why all these feelings wanted to burst like a dam, all at once. Of course, I tried my absolute best to suppress again them with all kinds of things, because they were unwanted, rejected and unacknowledged, but to no avail.

Now I realize that the way I felt was completely logical and even expected. It would be delusional to think otherwise if I analyze the lifestyle I expressed throughout the years, playing by the rules of a very complex control system I was forced to accept, subconsciously feeling the insanity of the matrices within the matrix of creation itself.

Social structures – the tribe – only suppresses authentic expression. It’s understandable to feel one is like “losing their mind”, due to the standards that only know how to divide and manipulate for the sake of the few. These control systems do not support true health, wellness, joy, passion, creativity, cooperation, communication, assimilation, satisfaction, growth, peace, inspiration, love, trust, etc. The tribe doesn’t even acknowledge the importance of the evolution of human consciousness, nor the role of true spirituality. All is totally overlooked, ridiculed and rejected.

In such a passive-aggressive society, being authentic is what “the power behind the power” want to prevent at all costs. They have hidden agendas to make mankind sick, doubtful, powerless, confused and enslaved to feed off their energy. Being authentic here is almost like a survival tool as well as a rebellious act against such mind-controlling games. It is the key to reclaim your power and start living masterfully, as a consciousness super-imposed over all that is and not only that, but as a clear conduit of Infinite’s Intent. There is only one being in existence, experiencing physicality in multiple forms.

For me, everything started to change when I grasped the concept of self-sovereignty. That allowed me to shatter illusions and distortions, as my perception shifted and shifted over and over. Truth changes every single moment, because we are new every single moment. To live spontaneously in timelessness, with full attention to what is in front of me and to have no mind and no emotion. That’s when I feel my true authentic being shines through the most.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by: