Limited by belief systems

To be able to access and interpret Infinite’s Intent; which is our authentic expression, our inspiration, our bodies shall work properly as its conduit into physicality. Light is information, masculine, perception, electric, positive. Frequency is emotion, feminine, magnetic, negative. The key is how to express both in a balanced way. Unable to do so, Infinite’s Intent remains as un-yielded potential.

It’s not that I wasn’t able to access information about health, wellness, spirituality and the such, but I just couldn’t process it at the time. I couldn’t even register it was even there, in front of my very own eyes. I was lost in articles, testimonials, our so-called “experts”, etc. Everyone had something different to say.

As I´ve previously said, I was in a very weak state in all aspects. I had a fixed contracted perception of how life is and I wasn’t a tiny bit motivated to experience it. There’s nothing wrong with contracted vision. Right/wrong, beneficial/harmful, holy/unholy, work/rest, contracted perception/expanded perception, etc. are but polar opposites that correspond to duality and polarity, which are illusions.

Thus, if my body was not properly functioning as a grounding rod, how in the world was I able to interpret, discern, integrate and apply the very needed information that came in many formats throughout the years? Now I can see those times of thick density like an incubation chamber for new expression to give birth, but at the time, it was like trying to blindly see through thick fog. Therefore, the needed perception to transcend that density was ignored, misunderstood and even ridiculed due to illusion and distortion in all my bodies.

How in the world is it possible to shift our perception – thus our emotions – and evolve our consciousness if we’re constantly being dragged like mere puppets by a sick control system mankind is mostly unaware of? Social conditioning is one of the main mind-control programs that are currently running. It distorts our self-perception and the one of our environment (which is ourselves, but seen as separated due to a peculiarity of contracted vision).

If we follow any rules as to what/when to eat, when/how to work, how/when to rest, how to raise kids, when to have kids, what to wear, who/when to worship… and basically how to express, how on earth are we going to be able to trust in our effortless knowing? How to even access it?

Effortless knowing is our highest truth, the one accessed in the moment, with complete silence of the mind, without emotions. It’s the inspiration, what makes your heart sing. The tribe (any kind of societal structure) instills belief systems that override effortless knowing. We’ve also inherited them, via programming and indoctrination, from our environment or we’ve created them ourselves through experiences that didn’t yield insights.

This alters our original DNA, something epigenetics is starting to discover, in baby steps. “Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression (active versus inactive genes) that do not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence – a change in phenotype without a change in genotype – which in turn affects how cells read the genes.”

The more belief systems I held on to, the more energy I leaked. Why? Because they act as a membrane, a “matrix”. They trap awareness particles. The result? Resistance to life, inner dialogue, confusion, disease, decay, a fall in consciousness and of course, addictions to take the place of the unexpressed inspiration. To know that we know nothing allows us to access effortless knowing and our actions are rooted in the inevitability of unfolding life flowing through us.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by: