Anger has a voice, too

I thought anger was this distorted feeling that I didn’t need in my life at this point. My newly gained perception kept telling me to “rise above it all” and I mostly tend to do so. My environment doesn’t affect me at the same degree as before and that’s something I’ve mastered with a lot of self-work, or like Toltec’s teachings say: “the stalking of the self”.

Although there are various tools I use in my daily life to live the way I choose to, it’s unimaginable for me to think I know anything. So I tend to not take anything at face value and to not hold on to any belief system that I’m aware of at that specific moment.

Of course, there are always more layers that hide behind the appearances, as I contemplate how today, anger is bubbling in the depths of my being. I tended to ignore it, reject it, control it or focus on it – but all these attitudes only adds more wood to the fire. Why? Because you empower what you focus on.

Anger is a feeling – a distorted emotion – as is fear, pain, protectiveness, guilt, shame, hopelessness, etc. It shows us where we feel victimized by our environment, which part of the matrix we take too seriously. When we don’t move lightly through life, we resist life itself by opposing it. That is very troublesome, since it’s the origin of decay in the cells.

So, today I allow anger to have a voice and to tell me the story of its sub-creation. Why am I feeling so wronged by others? What am I not expressing so that anger has taken its rightful place to exist? I will take time to contemplate all of this.

I’ve proven myself, over and over again that illusions shatter as perception shifts. When new insights are gained, new expression awaits. This is one of the keys to open up to a boundless life of no opposites.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by: