Am I really out of my mind?

Some might say that I’m out of my mind for challenging the status quo in so many ways. That I can’t possibly know more than our so-called “experts” in matters like health, finance, spirituality, and life in general. That I am being arrogant in thinking that I don’t need advice, guidance in nutrition, education, religion, morals, ethics, etc. That I need to stop being so rebellious and to mature, grow up, be more responsible and just comply with what society has already established as “civilized and proper”.

Well, I am proud to be out of my mind. My mind is only a tool that my being uses for deductions, problem-solving situations, for analysis. To instill structure within fluid spontaneity. I don’t use it for guidance in any way (or at least I try not to). The mind-control programs are very tough to dissolve, and one can be lured into its grips again if one is not fully aware in the moment.

The same thing happens with my feelings. Feelings are not non-cognitive information that my right brain picks up in that specific moment. Feelings are not to be confused with pure emotions. Fear, anger, pain, protectiveness, hopelessness, jealousy, shame, blame, etc. Those kind of feelings are like ties that bind from the heart, and they are pretty difficult to sever.

Pure emotions are attitudes based on desires that come in pairs (one electric, one magnetic) like love – trust, deep peace – inspiration, communication – assimilation, joy – passion, etc. For our bodies to be able to be a conduit for each of them is not a task for the superficial mind, nor for the heart that has been also hijacked by the various programs throughout eons of time.

As I was contemplating this, I realized that those desires turn to dust when I access the effortless knowing that I don’t need anything. That my being is my sustenance if I live a self-fulfilled life, a wholesome life. Self-sovereignty is the key to be self-referring. And to be able to be self-referring eliminates the need for external sources of information as guidance. As my being extends to all creation, my vastness permeates all, including the ocean of consciousness, the potential.

Expansion and contraction of perception have equal value, but each brings a different quality to the unfoldment of life. When I contract I see the details, when I expand I see the big picture (as big as my perception allows me to at that specific moment). My environment then acts as a lens to know more about myself.

What I do with my being concerns only to me and I am not willing to forfeit my authentic expression for regurgitated wisdom that has been manipulated by the ones who don’t have mankind’s best interest in mind. I question everything, yes… but I allow my inspiration (aka. Infinite’s Intent) to be work as inner guidance for me see which my next step is. That is enough, in surrendered trust I am.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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