The value of order and chaos

Order is the opposite of chaos and all opposites are therefore based on duality (and polarity). Since all that is based on that level of expression, they´re illusions, unreal. I cannot value order more than chaos, hence I need to use them only as mere tools to assist me in seeing the life in a wholesome way and express authentically.

Order is nice. Everything feels right. No struggles, all is taken care of. Synchronicities happen regularly and I feel secure as if I’m being embraced by a warm blanket.  The structure of principles of order allows me to create a space for me to express fully, within the range of perception I’m operating at that specific moment in time.

I feel those principles are like boundaries that have been placed (through programming, indoctrination, worldviews, trauma – as a coping mechanism, ancestral lineages, etc.) to allow a portion of Infinite’s Intent to shine through. But…  what happens when my perception needs to be changed? There is no room for change within the cement-like boundaries of order. That’s when the dissolving of matrices needs to take place (gracefully, or through trauma).

It all starts with signs as subtle nuances in the environment and within myself. That’s when the constant “stalking of the self” is very handy. The separation between me and my environment is a peculiarity of vision. There can be no separation.

When it’s time for chaos to appear, everything changes, my vision contracts and darkness closes in. Sometimes it is so challenging, that I don’t even sense myself. That the little control I had over my life had been stripped away from me, leaving me with nothing. Like if I were lost in my own vastness and fear outcomes.

If I overlook the nuances of the Infinite seen in my environment or within me or plainly ignore them, problems start to arise, because a change of perception has not taken place. Stagnation feels suffocating. Then frustration, irritability, anger or/and pain begins to crawl into me. If I’m not vigilant enough, the so-called “diseases” – all physical symptoms – come into the picture. It gets worse as linear time starts to accumulate as tension in the body, and lastly… accidents could happen.

The dissolving of principles of order need to take place for awareness to give birth to a new way of authentic expression. For a new platform to be erected so I can start to operate from that higher level of consciousness. I need to remind myself to not associate with my body, my mind, my feelings. I am a conduit of infinite’s intent. If I hold on to the principles of order for too long, there’s no room for my inspiration to articulate Infinite’s Intent flowing through me and seeing it in my environment, as part of my larger body.

That’s why I value order as well as chaos, in equal measure, as precious tools for guidance in my eternal journey of self-exploration.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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