#valmark #perceptionshifter #nathaliemarkoch

A tribe of one

This time I’m wondering about something that I just realized today. What if my inspiration and inner guidance tell me to shatter matrices around me, which happen to be the ones that my whole ancestral lineage has maintained with sacredness throughout their whole lives? The answer would probably be that I would be questioned, misinterpreted, judged, criticized, ostracized and rejected from the tribe.

It’s not that I don’t want to be part of society. The thought of being a hermit in my home and not bother about the rest is something I am not inclined to experience. On the contrary… I do want to engage in social interaction as much as I can but without the leakage of energy that leaves me feeling exhausted afterward.

It’s not that I am afraid of the repercussion of my decision of interacting sparingly, but I think that eons of social conditioning, programming, indoctrination, and genetic codification have a big impact on how I have been expressing myself through life. That means, that my whole personality, identity, world-view, belief systems and in essence my “story” has been established that way.

So, if I’m not those series of filters, what am I? The only answer that comes to mind is that I am a consciousness super-imposed over all that is. A conduit of infinite’s intent and an unfolding work of art, the only being in existence.

If I am the only being in existence (for you, the one reading this, the only being in existence is you), there can be no tribe to be part of. Nobody to refer to, nobody to approve my existence, nobody to justify my actions with, nobody’s reaction to be aware of. There is only a tribe of one. I am self-referring, self-sovereign, self-reliable.

Thus, if I can remember this every single day, there could be no leakage of energy while interacting with others or with engaging in the human game of life.

#valmark #perceptionshifter #nathaliemarkoch
by valmark

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