Isolation as a key to excellence

I will not be talking about the political, economic, industrial and social perspective of having to be in lock-down due to the health catastrophe humanity is experiencing on the surface of the Earth (not exclusive to any virus), but to all diseases, inflammation, discomfort, etc. experienced by the human body at the moment. Putting those valid and also important perspectives aside, there is so much I would love to share about the excitement of being alone. To be able to interact with myself without anyone even noticing.

Being alone is an adventure without any limitations, except the limits I’ve consciously and unconsciously set for myself. The curiosity arises when I sense an indication that tells me there is a limit I was not aware of. It ignites a spark of hormones (messengers of info) that guides me through the path towards the origin of that belief system, trauma or social conditioning that has put up that specific matrix in place.

Being isolated is also a great opportunity for me to contemplate the complexity of life and be aware that it all birthed from the simplicity of a single awareness particle. Having that in mind is really helpful to cut things off in my everyday life. Not only relationships that do not inspire me, but also habits I’ve been holding on to that are self-sabotaging.

In my opinion, self-sabotage is the action that counteracts your efforts towards a state of expression you look forward to. So, to be able to have the energy, space and time to self-examine these kind of things is really precious to me.

There is something I’ve not explored before, not as much as I wanted to, though. Silence. Silence is so underrated. Many even fear it or have panic attacks or anxiety crisis even when imagining being in silence for a period of time, be it short or long. The prospect of not having reference points is something some people can’t even phantom.

I was like that a decade ago. I had to have something audible going on at all times. Either music, a Youtube video, someone talking around me, a TV program sharing incoherencies, even the sound of words in my head as I read a book or a manga (yes, I like manga and anime a lot!) was sufficient for me to be relatively calm enough to keep on going in life.

After MUCH SELF WORK I must say that I really enjoy the silence I am capable to create for myself. It’s not that I live in a cabin somewhere up the mountains (I would absolutely love to, though). I live in the city. Aside from the sounds that abound in the city, there is also white noise (from the refrigerator for example) and black noise (created by strong thoughts, and emotions (anger, pain, fear, etc.). 

Nevertheless, it is possible to find a quiet place for a specific timeframe to focus on being in silence. Talking is something so overrated that people forget that silence is sometimes a better conductor for both pair of pure emotions (as the desire to, for example: communication and assimilation) and also a great aid to receive inner guidance in a non-cognitive way.

The changes within my existence (not only talking about the physical) are profound and very evident. I highly value the energy I have now to be able to access the understanding of a specific concept. To be able to integrate it, express it and so that my perspective shifts (in an inclusive way). That changeless change allows me to feel new layers of emotions that enriches my experience as an eternal presence in a timeless, spaceless and limitless existence.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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