Refined Communication and Perpetual Self-Regeneration

I haven’t posted in a while, because I wanted to feel and understand my true motives behind me sharing things in this blog. Of course, I continued writing on my journal about the insights I gain every day, since it has been part of my daily routine for more than a decade.

It’s not that I lack inspiration to write here. I stalk myself constantly regarding my thoughts and actions, so that my consciousness is free to explore. So that I don’t feel trapped by the grips of duty, of responsibility, of wanting something in return, of expectations, of approval.

Shedding and pruning of the old is constantly needed so that I can access and experience life in a comfortable way for me, constantly transforming life into a higher order or authentic expression.

Refined Communication is an archetype I aim to embody, although I know there are many, many layers of understanding, which I find it’s linked quite beautifully with living the archetype of Perpetual Self-Regeneration.

I’ve realized that the main reason I decided to create Perception Shifter is to be able to articulate my highest truth and express it to the Universe. To expose it. For me to feel comfortable enough to put it somewhere so that anyone can access it, if they want to.

I’ve been always a very, very hermetic and reserved person. So, the most comfortable way of communicating my highest truth has always been in a more diffused way, through a poetic perspective, through art and music. At least that’s what I am now understanding, today’s truth.

In the beginning of my journey of self-communication, I tried to express by emulating others. Then it very slowly shifted into me being able to tap into my own source of inspiration. Very shyly, I opened my first channel of communication as a SOLO ARTIST (singer, songwriter, lyricist, conceptualist, host, alternative model), which was a very bold move on my part, since I had ZERO experience in all areas that are needed for that kind of exposure.

I´ve had to overcome (and I still am, it’s an ongoing process of self-exploration) every single belief system that was ingrained in me that was meant to belittle, limit, discard and undermine my authentic expression. I put tremendous pressure on myself to be able to achieve this. Heavy duty shedding of the old, of the obsolete was an absolute must during this phase. I now understand why such unbelievably intense forced change was needed at the time.

During the process, the insights gained and the energy released by doing so, allowed me to open a second channel of communication through music. That is why I founded my band NMK (Now Mankind Knows). This thrusted me into a whole new level of expression that urgently required more changeless change from my part. Sometimes forced change was needed to be able to match my highest truth (that wasn’t comfortable at all). Many, many things happened during these years that completely altered my life from the inside out and allowed me, after much self-examination and self-work, to finally be able to feel comfortable expressing myself through this second channel.

Although I’ve been writing poetry for more than 12 years now, it never occurred to me to be able to publish it. It was a banned topic that I didn’t want to even look at it. More dissolving of belief systems, worldviews and healing of trauma were needed for me to even think about actually open the third channel of communication. I thought that music was the only way for me to open up and create, but as always, perception is key to open up to a higher level of expression and operate from that platform. This year I’ve been slowly feeling comfortable enough to open this channel. It’s called OBLAK (cloud in Croatian) I’m sharing there my original poetry and photography.

What’s really interesting here is that I still don’t feel it’s the right time for me to open up the fourth channel of communication, which is HAARAKNIT. It is a sacred space I created in 2016, where I step into my role of Healing Facilitator (I specialize in Regenerative Detoxification), Grandmaster in Alternative Therapies, Spiritual Mentor, Metaphysician, and Mystic. At the time, my loved ones were very curious about my healing journey and wanted me to assist them in reclaiming their self-sovereignty, health, self-empowerment, etc. That escalated quickly and I’m now facilitating healing of people around the world, all referrals only.

A couple of months ago I decided to put up a website so that people can understand at least a little about the transcendental work I do with my clients. Some loved ones are ushering me to be on social media, but I feel it’s not the right time for me to do so. Some perception shifts are needed from my part to be able to achieve this, to feel comfortable doing so. But I feel that there are other aspects of my expression that need some refinement first, so I’m really looking forward to open up Haaraknit once all that is settled.

I feel that this is happening as well with the fifth channel of communication, which is PERCEPTION SHIFTER. I feel comfortable in posting here, on this blog, but not in sharing the posts on social media, nor creating specific things the way social media platforms require (I’ve shared some articles very occasionally on a personal profile). For now, I think it’s alright if I just continue this way. To not stress about having to share anything, just allowing the inspiration to flow through and record it somewhere. Instead of my personal diary, let it be recorded on this very precious blog I love so much. And I’ll ask my sister (Valmark) to keep on drawing the beautiful artwork she creates, inspired by the visionary dreams I have.

The archetype of Perpetual Self-Regeneration is what I hope to continue cultivating, all its many layers along my never ending journey of self-exploration and self-communication. What I think it’s my highest truth today, can completely change in the gateway of the moment if I just allow the change to take place. So who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll feel comfortable enough to open up that 4th and 5th channel fully and embrace this higher level of Refined Communication I am willing to embody.

For now, let’s just observe how things unfold in surrendered trust.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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