Hard to Swallow: Awakening from False Awakening

In the last months I’ve been really pondering WHY would I be still blocked from accessing my highest potential to become a Self-Sovereign Free Being. Do I lack something? No. Of course, it’s impossible to lack something in the Infinite Vastness that we are. So, if I KNOW that I am ALL, why can’t I just simply access it? Well, the answer to that is complex, but in complexity lies the simplicity of all, and that is our job. To effortlessly dissolve what needs to be dissolved, and simultaneously, create by allowing the new expression born from authentic inspiration (without questioning it) to fill in, leaving no gaps behind for “others” to usurp.

So, what about us allowing others to overstep our healthy boundaries by allowing them to steal our “energy”? By others I mean, the perpetrators, the ones who, consciously, severed ties with Infinite Life. How can you do this? By completely shattering (through various methods) any connection to the Source. By doing that, they became – generally speaking – a parasite. So, a parasite is not natural to our Universe. Parasites attach themselves to a host to be able to live through it because they don’t have any way whatsoever to sustain themselves by their own means. So, they are 100% dependant on that host.

Because of that fact, it’s safe to say that all sorts of parasitic beings have infested us (Earth, Mankind, other Star Systems – yes, even the Godkingdom). I will not go into the explanation to name all the ways these parasitic beings have used against civilizations to make them subservient to them, as well as using them as an energy source to feed off, to use and abuse resources, and to be able to sustain themselves for millions of years. It’s enough to say that they have used ALL and I mean ALL sorts of AI, corrupted alchemy, corrupted magic to achieve their agenda for total domination, at all levels, of civilizations that they think are inferior to them.

I am literally referring to the Black Suns, the Reptilian Insectoid Collectives. The Dragon Moth from Orion Black Hole System, Necromiton beetle hominid, Men in Black from Nibiruian lines, Marduk Omicron from Alpha Centauri, Centaur Hybrids from Omega Centauri, Zeta from Rigel, Zeta from Zeta Reticuli). Furthermore, I am also referring to the so-called Fallen Angelics Collective which comprises the Alpha Omega Order Templar Melchizedeks (Fallen Seraphim), Samjase Annunaki from Pleiades (Alcyone), the Jehovian Annunaki from Sirius A, Thoth-Enki-Enlil Collectives from Nibiru and Sirius A, Marduk Necromiton (Enlil Odedicron alliance with Nibiruians), Michael Family Nephilim Hybrids (cloned Michael bodies of the Annunaki hybrids from Orion, Sirius, Andromeda).

Like I said, I will not go into any detail as to who, by what exact means, since when, the proof, etc. All that I feel inspired to share and talk about is how the game is being played at the moment from this angle. It’s enough to say that they have been using all sorts of very “clever” (and I must admit, brilliant) ways to keep on going with the fucking nonsense of perpetual stealing of the energy without getting caught in a massive way. They are using grid reversal networks around and inside the planet and every single being on the surface of the Earth, implants (at all levels), seals, black magic curses, hexes, spells, ceremonies to create alternate realities and timelines, they’ve hijacked fluid-structure systems for organic evolution into inorganic traps of false ascension matrix stations to trap humanity into never-ending reincarnation cycles, and all sorts of traps so that they cannot, by any means, bypass that.

How? Creating chaos, drama, dependence, distractions and throwing them in the face of everyone. Manipulating emotions with ALL sorts of technologies that are not detectable to the already weakened physical being. They’ve reversed the true nature of the Source of All Life into the complete and total worship of their own selves disguised as Gods/Goddesses and Trinities or whatever way they are might be presented in order to appeal to the target. Every single religion is based on this foundation, every mystery school has its base on Pythagoras which then was adopted by the Kabbalah Rosicrucians, Hermetism… like, every single one of the Mystery Schools is based on corrupted alchemy based on based 10 mathematics that siphons the energy and traps awareness (sacred geometry, Fibonacci sequences, like… all of it is corrupted).

It truly seems that we are doomed, right? Not so. We are boundless, limitless beings, as vast as the cosmos having a human experience here on the surface of the Earth. This means that we have all that it takes to reclaim our power back and say NO to the abuse, NO to the hijacking of our emotions, NO to the perpetual siphoning of our energy. We can say NO to the contracts we may have agreed on thinking we were not capable of being self-responsible, self-reliant, self-sovereign, and able to sustain ourselves organically. We can say I DON’T CONSENT to enslavement, slavery, imprisonment by ANY other being or by ANY AI system or implant or structure or geometry. We can say NO to any and all attempts of these parasitic entities to be attached to us. We can say I DON’T CONSENT to the bullshit of genetics, the nonsense that I need ANYTHING that has been created by them (food, medicine, information, politics, false gods, religions, societal structures based on corrupting the True Feminine and True Masculine into distorted antagonistic behaviors as reference points, consumerism, distorted music, all of it).

No, I don’t mean that we are going to go and live in a temple in the mountains away from civilization. Not at all. To live in the eye of the storm, to live AS THE STORM is what I am doing. To engage with life FULLY. Not to go and hide in the basement because we are afraid of these freaking parasites and the mess they’ve created. Nope. Like I said, we have the power to change all of this by changing our perception, and COMMAND that WE DO NOT CONSENT to this INFILTRATION, CONQUEST, ASSAULT. Because that is what it is. When someone else comes, and in a Backhand Game, does everything he possibly can to totally and completely cut you off from everything and everyone, use and abuse you, violently threatens you, and then with a very gentle voice tells you that he loves you? What’s that called? Narcissistic abuse? Yep, a total dysfunctional being? Yep. A complete and utterly case of abuse of power, dominion? Yep. But they can make everyone believe that one gave consent, right? How? Saying that you knew exactly what he was doing and you didn’t say NO. Isn’t this interesting? So, here on the Earth, we have all of these movies about alien infiltration, child sacrifice, vampirism, implants, armaggedon software, 9/11 timelines, artificial intelligence taken over humanity, demonic possessions, astral parasitic infestation, beast machinery, false gods worshipping, new age bliss disclosure, false ascension matrix loops, like… you name it, there is a freaking move for that. ALL of IT. Movies, bestseller books, comics, anime, mangas, music, and music videos. You can learn more about what’s been going on for eons in these places rather than in the so-called “history” books. History has been manipulated for millennia, especially since the last Atlantean Cataclysm.

Yes, it’s time to wake up from the false “Awakening” state we have been in. If we don’t address the situation humanity is in, at this moment in time, there is absolutely NO WAY one has remotely awakened to the inherent divinity of being in Oneness with the Infinite Life. There are so many back doors (yes, even inner space has been infiltrated) that it is truly ALL a freaking delusion. I know it is hard to hear I know it is a freaking pain in the ass, I know it might trigger another “Dark Night of the Soul”, but believe me guys…. this is not something to read scrolling down, and then ok, next to the next spiritual fix for the afternoon. Nope. This is massive and of course, we are not alone. We might be the only being in existence, in our own reality, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have allies. And believe me… WE HAVE, and many of them. Some are in our spaces, physical spaces, but the majority are working behind the scenes. This is why I became a healer, this is why I always said that the environment that I was observing wasn’t real. This is why I would always, always question, for the truth to be revealed to me at the moment.

Truthfully, this is nothing new to me (I’ve been spreading awareness about these topics since childhood), but the change in perception of the depths of this situation, certainly is. So, this is my truth for the day. I will not keep on feeding these fuckers, I will disassemble ALL that has been tampering with the organic evolution of consciousness. I will dissolve ALL the bullshit that has been reversing the efforts to free myself from the influences of these parasites. That means, that I DO NOT CONSENT to any attempt to siphon out my energy, I CLAIM BACK ALL parts of myself and make VOID the power these imprisoned parts had in the past. I NULLIFY the power these parts have so that they can’t be used as the battery to continue creating these methods for the perpetual stealing of energy, abundance, and resources. I TOTALLY DISSOLVE the illusions/distortions these situations had in the past and I create a NEW EXPRESSION that is born from authenticity sourced by true inspiration, becoming One with Infinite Life. This is a proclamation to dissolve all hierarchies, internal and external (which are one), reclaim my full divinity and my right as a free sovereign being to organically express the fullness of myself on this Earth.

It is time to awaken to the false “awakening” that we can truly evolve if all of this is not taken into consideration, and actually do something about it. We can certainly be forever blissful in our false sense of comfort. Creating a beautiful holy sanctuary, having our inner child/inner babe taken care of, building a marvelous garden for our inner family, a false inner peace only based on the mediocrity of our own worldview and paradigm without taking into consideration that we do have to take self-responsibility for our environment. We are the one and the many. We are also the Earth, we are the whole freaking Universe and it’s our job to truly make “Heaven on Earth”. Does this mean we all have to become activists? Or healers? Or have a complete change of jobs, practice, etc? No. This is a change in perception and the corresponding emotions that come up due to living life through that specific perception.

We need to wake up from the dream of the dream, even the dream of the awakening. We have been massively infiltrated and it is time to address this, and move forward without pacifying the unacceptable. It’s when we wake up to the true divinity, inseparable, indivisible with Infinite Life that we can actually do something that will truly impact everything. We can finally co-create We can finally have a voice without it being hijacked by the agents of chaos. One can be very skeptical as to how one being can change everything. Well, size is nothing to the Infinite, numbers are nothing to the One Life. And nobody can do this for us, we will have to walk the path alone, back to our own selves. Yes, another can facilitate healing, facilitate change, facilitate the birth of a new perception of another, but in the end, if you don’t express self-sovereignty, you are still in a delusion of your own that will only create stagnation, imprison awareness, etc. There is simply just SO MUCH MORE to this, of course it would be impossible to highlight all, but what matters is the substance of what is behind what I’m sharing here to the ones that have the eyes to see what is behind appearances.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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