Perception Shifter

That Which Prevents Us From Achieving Emotional Sovereignty

When we express authentically, with the fullness of ourselves, it’s common that others might put us into boxes. A category they can just throw us in. A tag they can place on us. They need to do it. Why? Because if we don’t fit anywhere within their set of belief systems, they feel something is seriously wrong. Their comfort zone created by their personal matrixes is at threat of being dismantled by just being near us. They panic and simply don’t know how to operate around us anymore. They might try and change us by repeating like a broken record the old narrative. If they cannot persuade us, or break us, then they see us like a virus they need to get rid of or confine somewhere they know we are not a threat to them or their environment anymore.

Our authentic expression born from true inspiration is boundless, limitless, without beginning nor end. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you do for a living, what your specialization is, the ethnicity you belong to, the family you were born into, the social status you have, the level of education you acquired, or what your job consists of, whom you work for, the music you love listening to, who do you romantically love, etc.

So, here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter in the slightest. It really doesn’t matter at all. Let them put us in the stupid box they prefer. It’s a total waste of time, effort, and energy to try to change the perception others have towards us. We can explain all we want, try to justify ourselves all we want. We can try to convince others that our authenticity is not something to be afraid of. We can talk to them for hours without end, pouring our hearts out about how we truly care about ourselves, our environment, our loved ones, the Earth… it doesn’t change the fact that when people are stuck in pockets of space/time, they simply are running programs that leave little to no space for them to reach us empathically/telepathically.

How on Earth could they truly be receptive and assimilate what we are saying of they have a deafening dialogue in their superficial mind due to a series of blockages in their bodies, as well as the exposition 24/7 to spiritual warfare? I understand that for the majority of us It’s truly un-fucking-believable how much the human race has been tampered with (read about this here), but that is what we are dealing with at the moment.

There are various types of blockages that prevent us from understanding what is really going on behind appearances, behind the form. Nobody is free from this at all levels, but there are some that have more ability to truly see behind what others are fooled by. There are blockages in the meridians, in the chakra system, in the inner senses, and outer senses. We find blockages due to trauma, belief systems, programming, social conditioning, ancestral karma. We can also find blockages due to seals, implants, parasitic entities, like… all of it. So, does this mean there is an excuse for people to behave this way to continue with the perpetual energetic vampirism? Of course not. That’s why emotional self-sovereignty is so important and it should be a priority to work on.

Does that mean that we need to put up with toxicity just because of this situation? Of course not, that would be dysfunctional on our part. Pacifying the folly of others is something we cannot do. True compassion has nothing to do with accepting the unacceptable. We can open the field of hope and give them the opportunity to see things for what they are, without blame, shame, or falling into the victim/victimizer program, or falling into the self-pity, self-reflection, self-importance trap.

Certainly, our loved ones might have good intentions towards us, but that alone doesn’t make the cut. If they are not fully aware of what’s truly going on, if they don’t want us to open the field hope so that they can free themselves from the parasitic entities, artifacts, etc. It doesn’t matter what they say, the supposed “good intentions” they might have towards us, because someone that can see behind appearances, will instantly feel the manipulation behind their words and actions.

Having a deeper understanding of these dynamics doesn’t mean that we have to suppress our feelings. Someone that suggests that we should just give love and light to another is something that rubs me the wrong way. Because experiencing ourselves being judged so unfairly is something truly infuriating. The key is… if we are feeling it, we are voicing it out, we are asking the questions…. why would we experience something like this over and over and over again? What’s the lesson/gift that needs to be learned/received?

We don’t have to put up with anybody’s bullshit, no matter what the situation is. If there is something that is coming to our space that is abusive, dysfunctional, toxic we have to put healthy boundaries. Why would we accept someone in our space who clearly lacks total self-respect that is rooted in self-abandonment? If they think they have the entitlement to come to us, tell us condescending messages, explain why we are doing everything wrong, try to convince us why they think we are being too “out there”, etc. Well, who do they think they are?

There are all sorts of emotional manipulators. The overt ones and the covert ones. With overt ones, you can feel it in the air that they reject you, oppress you, are aggressive towards you, or at least that they dislike you. These are easier to identify. We need to be aware, most of all, of the “sweet talkers”, people that sugarcoat their true intentions of emotional manipulation, the covert ones. We cannot have the door open at all times for whomever to come whenever and just dump all their harsh comments, prayers, or goodwill on us and then expect or demand a response.

We need to deal with them just like we would be dealing with any stranger in the street. Would we allow just anybody to come to us and suddenly tell us that they don’t like our outfit that day? Or that they think we are walking too fast, too slow, too bouncy? Would we listen to someone that approaches us in the subway just to tell us that the music we are listening through the headphones is ugly and promotes evil? Or allow them to preach their chosen religion because we are wearing a black shirt on? Of course not. So… why would we allow these dynamics to happen within families, friends, co-workers, spouses, organizations, communities, etc?

So what others may or may not think about us, and the stupid boxes, categories, and tags they would use to refer to us, really doesn’t matter in the slightest. I am doing exactly what I need to do. You are doing exactly what you need to do. We are all doing exactly what we need to do. It will only make sense to us because the unique music we are each listening to is audible only to us. If somebody sees us dancing to the beat they can’t listen to, they would think we are crazy. Why? Because we are in the eternal fluid moment. We are dancing, singing, expressing authentically, we are the Infinite’s Intent in expression.

For someone who is unveiling and dissolving the layers of illusion and distortion that we have been swimming in for eons, tribalism is deadly. Yes, because stagnation is deadly. Tribes don’t want us to go wander outside the tribe. They want to keep on doing the same old actions, repeat the same old stories, behave according to the same old traditions, regurgitate the same old knowledge, rever the same old wisdom, pay tribute to the ancient established hierarchy, and so on. They just want a number, because of the program of self-preservation, protectiveness, etc. All based on the fear/opposition to change. Tribe consciousness is like that, not only referring to physical tribes.

It’s time to shake off all the shackles of bondage to others’ expectations of how we have to perform in life. There is no performance, just the enjoyment of being physical and authentically expressing our inspiration. Let’s cut all the ties that bind from the mind, from the heart, and spirit. We don’t need anybody’s approval, we don’t need external reference points of information, we don’t need to justify our existence to anyone.

Does that mean that we need to be isolated from social interaction? Of course not. It’s easy to go and hide in a monastery in the mountains. Being in solitude doesn’t mean we are alone. Taking full responsibility for what we have co-created consciously and unconsciously, we start our journey back home to the self. It’s pointless to fool ourselves and think that the only way out is to suppress our emotions by fleeing the moment with all sorts of entertainment, substances, and narratives that put us in the past or in the future. It’s imperative to gracefully transition into our spiritual maturity.

Yes, it would be very nice to have physical allies, but sometimes we need to truly work on our emotional self-sovereignty to be able to shed the old and build the new. This means not only taking a good look at what is now obsolete in our lives but also shedding acquaintances that do not inspire. Remember what is self-respect of yourself to yourself and then to others. That is how we ask for it if someone is stepping over the line. We change our environment by changing the alchemy that sustains it within ourselves. There is nothing we can’t achieve if we truly want to transcend our current paradigm, it’s our choice to get rid of the blockages that prevent us from being our true selves, boldly and unapologetically.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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