All post in this blog are the articulation of a unique current within the vastness of the Infinite Being. Topics are chosen spontaneously, without agenda. An adventure of treasure hunting. The journey of the evolution of consciousness being the observer and the observed. Incorporating wholesomeness and depth of living into the densest of realms. This practice is a catalyst for changeless change towards full remembrance. A game of delight.

Perception Shifter has been created by Nathalie Markoch, a Grandmaster in Alternative Therapies, Healing Facilitator sp. in Regenerative Detoxification, Spiritual Mentor, Metaphysician, and Mystic based in Peru. She is also a Musician, Artist, and Writer. For more info about her, click here.

All featured artwork has been done in collaboration with the amazing, beautiful and talented artist Valmark. For more info about here, click here.


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