All articles written in this blog are the personal thoughts and contemplations of a consciousness super-imposed over all that is. Topics are chosen spontaneously. There is no agenda or desired outcome for the creation of this sacred space.

Nevertheless, it functions as a clear conduit of infinite’s intent in a semi-articulated fashion as inner-exploration through auto-examination and authentic expression to reclaim self-empowerment, thus establishing self-sovereignty in relationship.

An adventure of conscious evolution to incorporate wholesomeness and depth of living. This practice acts as a consciousness catalyst for changeless change towards a deeper integration of the infinite layers of the self.

All featured artwork is a collaboration with the amazing, beautiful and talented artist Valmark (check her Instagram, she’s also a tattoo artist).

The creator and author of this sacred space is Nathalie Markoch. She is a Grandmaster in Alternative Integral Therapies specialized in Regenerative Detoxification. Nathalie is also a Musician, Poet and Writer based in Peru. For more info about her, click here.


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