Daring to live beyond the average

Since the beginning of December, I’ve been feeling the pull to isolate myself. I did so for the last 2 weeks of that month and wow… I sensed very intense shifts within my being on the 3rd day of total isolation.  When I feel the urge to retreat into my inner space I know it’s time for me to build up momentum, to gather energy to increase the level of consciousness to give birth to a new reality, a new way of authentic expression that was inaccessible to me before. Some people don’t quite understand how much energy is needed for a change in perception. To study a new concept, to integrate it and live it.

It’s not that I am a person that dislikes being with people. I have fun when I decide to interact with friends and family, therefore the inclination to be alone for weeks (or even months) is not because of social anxiety. It’s just that sometimes I intuitively know that it is time for a deep self-examination. To have the quiet time and awareness to realize what obsolete belief system am I still holding on to. To break free and understand which limitations were inadvertently placed by me. These illusions and distortions are there to teach me a lesson and to bring forth a gift. It could be a disease, a problem with someone, a lack of abundance, stagnation at work, etc. My environment mirrors back at me what I need to change within, for it to change without.

I knew from the start that living this self-examined life is not a journey for the faint-hearted. I know I am alone, ’cause there is only one being in existence, living as the many. Although I know I must not be concerned in the folly of others, it’s really challenging to not say anything to prevent someone dear to me experience pain, distress or confusion. When that person does not want to change their ways… there is so little one can do to help… As much as I think I love and care for that person, I must remember that the best service I can give to the all is to let things unfold with surrendered trust in the benevolence of life and that whatever the outcome is, it will be according to Infinite’s intent.

The symbol of the Giraffe means “to dare to live beyond the average” and I dreamt with those beautiful beings yesterday. Some could say it’s easier to turn a blind eye rather than try to save others, but on the contrary. To be able to break free from the ties that bind (heart, mind, spirit) is really, really painful. Those ties have been there for aeons. Not only because I may have agreed to fulfill a contract with some beings, but also because I have inherited ancestral karma and many other fun stuff.

Nevertheless, it is something I must accomplish in order to continue evolving my consciousness. Courage to continue living the way I do. Bravery and discipline to live each new moment authentically, to focus on the inspiration of the heart, rather than the obvious mediocrity of the unconscious masses. Let them fail, let them succeed, let them live and let them die.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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