Harmlessness Unlocks Potential

“Un-yielded potential
Hides deep in its silence
Deep buried within
The grim dance of veils

I’ll bring back the night
The unknown, oh so dreaded
Included in light
In fullness restored.”

- Written by Nath Markoch | © OBLAK

Today I feel like sharing something here, it’s been a while since the last time I posted. I’ve been working on so many things that I’ve literally lost the count of how many times my perception has shifted since then. The reason why today I feel to express like this is because I don’t want anybody mirroring anything back to me. I just want to express, nothing more. No conversations, no interlocutor, nobody accepting, rejecting or ignoring this. Just pure expression from silence.

Potential is something that I’ve been exploring for the longest time. The shadows so many speak about are here, and they are not going anywhere. That doesn’t mean that I’m not able to dissolve them to shift perception so that the potential can yield its insights. This will allow the frozen resources to available for me to seize . New perception is a gift of power.

That doesn’t mean that this journey is a walk in the park. Not at all. On the contrary, this path (like I often say) is not for the faint-hearted. This path is for the one who stalks the self every single moment. Examine their motives, examine their thoughts, their feelings to uncover their true motives. Are there any unresolved issues I’m dragging from my past? Is there any illusion I’m still creating due to some programmed believe system I’m unaware of? Which area in my life am I not expressing fully? Have I any attachments to outcome? Have I any attachments of the heart, the mind or the spirit? Am I truly free of desires for something, anything that I feel its outside of myself?

Authenticity. What is it? When there is silence in the mind, when one knows he/she is the center of her/his own reality, there is only authentic expression. It’s very important to understand that it doesn’t matter the which theme is the expression about. Past, present, future, all is combined into the gateway of the moment, into eternity, which is timelessness (no-time). When one is in this position, at this level of awareness… there is only the authentic self in pure expression. No self-reflection, no self-pity, no self-importance.

Harmlessness is the key. It’s not just innocence and purity of being. It also takes into consideration the aware experience of the individuation, the knowingness. That is Harmlessness. One who embodies harmlessness cannot express un-authentically. Harmlessness does not mean to express only light, which might be translated as accessed information The true masculine, articulating a concept, a principle, a tone, a structure, a strategy. Harmlessness does not care if one expresses to destructure old belief systems, old matrices. When one expresses authentically, it could take many shapes, many forms, formlessness… silence.

Harmlessness is one of the keys to unlock potential. To see behind appearances, to take everything in and to discern what to move through, what inspires, what to keep to be able to create something new with that gem we found along our way, with our experiences in our everyday life. I don’t give a damn if that expression of Harmlessness is raw, is loud, is recalling something from the past, is acting like bait, is creating a situation of chaos in others so that they are tricked into learning. Expressing my highest truth doesn’t come from analyzing with my superficial mind what is best or what isn’t ok to express or what is expected of me. Everyone has their unique way in which one expresses and that doesn’t match any pre-conceived framework, nor the high perception of another being.

Potential can be revealed to us when we stop striving, putting on a mask, believing our roles, pretending something we are not. Potential doesn’t yield when one is focused on being successful or when one has an attachment to outcome. Why can’t we cry our tears and laugh our laughter? Why laughter is more valuable than our tears? Why feeling sad is bad and feeling joyful is good for the majority of people? They still live in duality.

I see life/death/ascension as a playground and I play in formlessness. I’m not used in defining concepts or defining situations, labeling people, etc. I struggle explaining concepts that “make total sense” in the abstract, but when it comes to articulate them, they lose their “realness”. The Field of the One is a tricky place to be.

Power comes naturally to the ones who are not afraid to express fully, rooted in Harmlessness. We become the High Alchemist. We become the High Magician. We create a new space In Praise, Love, Gratitude, Surrendered Trust… ,and Hope. Those 5 cardinal points are the new matrices of existence.

© Perception Shifter

Written by:
Nathalie Markoch

Artwork by:

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